Killington 2/7/18

I was a little disappointed to wake up here and find out that it hadn't snowed overnight. No worries, it was snowing hard when I parked at 9:15 and did so all day. Puking snow. Very nice on top of the claimed 16" they got Sunday. Here are a few shots of average snow depths at around 11am:
It got a lot deeper as the day went on. Wind was blowing snow over to Snowdon so I did my usual laps there in the trees and the snow was deeper each run. Also did all the trees off Launch Pad like Anarchy, Julio, and the Nowhere/Somewhere duo. Weird to ski all day and not hear any scraping on ice or other hard items under the snow.
Later in the day it became easy to follow your tracks because everything filled in every run.
My last run of the day was Great Bear at about 3:45. I was spent but still totally enjoyed the smooth skiing in 8-10" of almost untouched powder. All of which made me a happy camper!
Even happier I'm still up here and I get to ski Pico tomorrow.
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