Killington 2/8/14

Time Skied: 10:45am to 4pm
Weather: VERY clear and sunny, chilly, morning was single digit wind chill at peak, warmed up into low to mid 20's by afternoon
Conditions: Packed Powder, machine groomed, spots of ice

I was expecting better conditions than what I got since Killington got more than a foot of snow in the past week. However, the trails were pretty well covered. The crowds were not too bad, but I did have to wait in some of the gondola lines for longer than what I wanted (about 20 minutes). Started the day by going up to the peak and traverse over to Skye Peak area. Cruise Control had nice coverage but Bear Claw was a sheet of ice and had moguls (this was the spot of my only fall). The best run on Skye Peak was probably Skyburst. The coverage in the middle was bad, but the sides had some nice snow.
Headed down to Skyeship for lunch to beat the crowds and then traversed over to North Ridge, Snowdon, and Ramshead. Rime and Reason were well covered with some nice, soft, turning snow. Chute and Header were also good runs. To wrap up the day I went down the intermediate glades on Ramshead: Squeeze Play. The coverage in these glades was awesome with no ice and excellent tree skiing. :razz: I wish I could have done it more than once before they shut the lifts down.
Most, if not all, of the natural trails that they had opened has signs saying "Thin Cover." And they were correct. Ice and/or bare spots all the way down. So for the natural trail lovers, you might want to hit those trails and glades before they close them soon!
Overall, the day would get a B+ only because of the ice that appeared a little bit too often for me.

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