Killington 3-12-15

Sunny day at Killington. Shadows were icy in the start of the morning, stuff in the sun was soft and springy.

By 11:00 conditions got really nice it was classic corn harvest.

Run of the day was East Fall.. it had nice spaced out bumps and in between was what was formerly icy stuff but I was slicing corn right off the top. Nice slip slide and slice action.

Outer Limits had the biggest bumps on the mountain and that trail had more snow than I expected. It seems like OL itself might outlive some of the necessary connector trails to get there and back, but who knows I'm sure they can groom it out some more.

Many of the trails had good coverage while others you might not expect to last the week. I'd guess in a week they'll be down from the 61 trails yesterday to about half, and those half will stick around better due to being the main snowmaking trails. No surprises there.

Good day, got a tan and my legs feel like they got a serious workout yesterday. Skied almost from open to close, after I had my fill of steeper corny stuff I did some fast runs on Snowdon and Ramshead (where we parked) until the thighs couldn't take much more.

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