Killington 3/15/2014


Conditions: PP, Powder Bumps

Trip Report:

While we have skied Killington on both ends of the season, we never skied there with all lifts spinning. So as you can imagine, we were like kids in a candy store. We arrived to near 40 degree temps at the Skyeship Lodge. Once we got our lift tickets we geared up and headed to the lift line waiting in ra!n. That was a bit of a bummer but we hoped for snow at higher elevation which was the case. In fact, it snowed pretty hard at times. Unfortunately, the new snow was a little sticky at times. Overall the day was awesome with really good conditions just about everywhere we skied with soft bumps forming on many blue trials, harder bumps covered by softer snow on the few black trails we skied and the groomed trails seemed pretty fast. The approached the Killington by pods.

Once up the Skyeship Gondola we headed over to Bear Mountain and saw two seemingly large lines so we made a run from Bear Mountain Quad where my son and I skied Outer Limits while my wife headed down Bear Claw. Surprisingly, there were some scrapped off spots from time to time on Outer Limits but it skied very well and definitely got the blood flowing. We then decided to work out way to K-1 Lodge but on the way we found Skyelark to be really busy however the soft piles of snow made the tail fun to ski but we would avoid that trail for the rest of the day. Our son took a uncharacteristically serious digger catching his backside downhill edge and hinging to the snow (glad it was soft). He was a little freaked out and it ultimately changed things for the day.

After lunch at K-1, we wanted to take the gondola up but the line was long so we opted for a couple of runs from Snowdon before heading over to Ramshead for a couple of runs (my son wanted to go to the park there). We also skied a mellow glade (Twister which was fun). That area does not have much going on though and everything there was groomed.

We made our way over to the gondola again to find an even longer lift line so we opted to take the Snowdon Triple and head over to North Ridge where we made a couple runs before we eventually made our way over to Launch Pad and then Superstar. I was hoping to get a run in the Canyon area but my wife was not up for it! However we did finally make it onto K-1 Godola and made our way to The Jug but somehow ended up at Sunrise Village. We took the lift there to get to Bear Mountain Lodge where we chilled for a bit to some good tunes and a Long Trail.

Now we were ready to head back to Skyeship Lodge to head home and we found out how far it was. We too the Skye Peak lift and skied a combination of Great Eastern and Home Stretch but our quads were on fire by the time we got to the bottom. I tried to get my family to go for it one more time but they were cooked.

Overall it was a fantastic day, where we traversed the entire resort skied varying terrain and we really could not find any trail that poorly (to be expected with 2ft of new snow and a couple inches for fresh that day). I would have liked to have skied some more glades and a couple more advanced trails but we will be back and we can attack the trails from a different perspective.

Crazy Snow
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Snow Gun Nursery (complete with baby snow guns)
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Outer Limits
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