Killington 3/25-3/26/18

Got to skyeship shortly after noon for a half day. Bounced around between all the mountains to see where the best snow was. Found all the south facing stuff wasn’t softening up and was very stiff. This took Bear and Flush out of the equation. Did sample Growler…coverage is good but just too risky to ski when it’s that tough to turn.

Julio, Juanita, and Anarchy were in good shape. All of them have that crap spot at the bottom that was thin but they were great otherwise. No melt/freeze going on that high on the north facing trails so the snow was packed but soft. Somewhere and Skyebits were also pretty nice.

Double Dipper had soft bumps. Unfortunately after a sunny start, a cloud moved over and gave me flat light the entire run so it was tough to see. Then it came back out when I hopped on the Quad. Vertigo Headwall was very slick but soft bumps below.

Hit a few groomers along the way…Superstar, Skyelark, Bittersweet, Skyeburst, Wildfire, and Needles Eye off the top of my head. Some slick spots and lots of people flying around being a busy Sunday afternoon but mostly in great shape.

Finished the day with a 3K vert run from Peak to Skyeship. Fun going from good packed powder up top to potatoes at the bottom. Was hoping the soft bottom of Great Northern meant a soft Valley Plunge but that ended up being very stiff so bailed out down Touchdown which was also ugly.

Back at it tomorrow. Probably will spend more time at Snowdon and maybe Bear will soften up in the afternoon.