Killington 4-19-14

In my quest for 60 days this season (today was #59) I left my place at Mount Snow (which easily could of spun the lifts today if they wanted too! 😡 ) drove up rte 100 past a covered Stratton, by Magic with some good looking coverage on just Talisman and their race hill, past a covered Okemo and pulled into KBL about 9:15. I showed my Peak Nor’easter pass and K took 25% off my lift ticket cost 🙂 .

It was about 40 and cloudy and a bit breezy when I boarded my 1st box of the day on my way up to K-peak. When I unloaded at the peak soon there after, the breeze was up, but the snow was soft and corned up all the way to the top 🙂 5 laps in/around Snowdon and the Canyon area via K-1 to start my day were non stop smooth carving corn! Took a quick break to make my 1st trip into the new K-peak lodge (very impressive!) and then off the the reopened for this weekend Bear.

Bear was about 90-95% covered, a few thin spots on Dreamaker headwall, Skyeburst, upper wildfire and then a couple of mandatory SHORT grass patches on OL, but the bumps were SWEET and its spring skiing, so some grass patches are part of the appeal!! Ended up taking 7 rides on the Skye Peak at Express with Dreamaker top to bottom and OL being my favorites! A big thanks to Mike Solimano and K for making the call to reopen Bear this weekend!!

Then it was off to the Needles Eye area (once again reopened for this weekend!) where Cruise Control and Panic Button to Needles were smooth corn high speed GS arc’ing bliss! Vertigo was top to bottom sweet soft bumps with the occasional rock/dirt/grass patch to negotiate (sweet spring fun!!)

Then it was off to the Superstar Pod – corn cruising with small widely spaced bumps on Bittersweet + Skyelark, nice bumps on Skyehawk, Superstar and Ovation down to the roped off headwall (you cut over to lower Supe then)

Finished off with 5 more rides on the box with canyon area runs topped off with a run through Snowdon and the seeded bumps on skiers left of Mouse Trap to finish off!

25 runs, almost 38k verts of corn + bumps! An AWESOME spring day at K!!