Killington 4/12/14

Left NJ at 6 and boarded K-1 at 10:30. Thought Northridge would be a good place to go but got over there and found the triple closed, so continued down to Snowden Quad. Low Rider and Patsy’s were roped off as there is a lot of tree trash in the woods from the ice storms, but hit Northstar, Vagabond, and Great Bear, beautiful soft bumps with some sections of careful navigation. Headed off Snowden down East Fall to Canyon quad and hit several runs there. The woods off the quad (Big or Double Dipper I can never remember) skied great. Took a run down to K-1 and boarded the gondola to the top. I’m a big fan of the new building up there, much better then the behemoth that was there. Left the skis up by the gondola and went down and enjoyed a salad and a view. The top section of Catwalk was open and I had never been up there so we hiked up and skied down, skied great and was a lot of fun. Off Canyon quad did Northridge-East Fall (disappointing, no real bumps on Northridge) and Powerline-East Fall (much better) and another Dipper Woods. Decided to head over to Superstar Quad. Again Julio and Anarchy were roped off with the same tree trash that Low Rider and Patsy’s were victim to. Ovation, Superstar and Sky Lark all skied great though and did t2b’s on them. Quit about 3:30, had a cocktail at the umbrella bar after just a beautiful spring day. Hear some rumors of rain Sunday, hopefully it holds off.


Lake Hopatcong, NJ