Killington 4/21/18

Time skied- 8:15-4:45
Weather- powerful sunshine, 40s
Conditions- firm underneath with soft on top

Just a gorgeous day at Killington. Driving up the road this morning the mountain peak really looked like February. I parked in bay 2 at 7:50am (more on that later). Skiing was fast for the first couple runs. I skied a perfectly groomed Bunny Buster which may be one of my favorite groomers of the season. There were very few bumps to be found on the hill today so I spent most of my day in the trees. Patsy's, Low Rider, Somewhere, Nowhere, The Stairs, Double Dipper, The Light and some other stuff you won't find on a map. I heard Julio and Anarchy were skiable...but passed. Lot's of ropes had to be ducked today to have any fun...either a shortstaffed of lazy k patrol meant I was ducking stuff that had softened up and was in prime shape well into the afternoon. No good bumps to speak of. Superstar had some OK bumps form late in the afternoon. Too many people on that trail though.

Very tough to pick a favorite trail today. Probably Low Rider or Somewhere/Nowhere.

Mountain ops were a borderline disaster today...lots of unhappy folks out there on the hill. Parking especially- Killington filled up an entire parking bay with chairs from the Snowdon Quad. Cars were parking down to Snowshed and the hotel. Apparently no shuttles either. People were getting rides up from mountain employees and strangers. Long lines at K1 for service only available on half the cafeteria. Liftlines were crazy. They didn't even set up lift corrals... it was a free-for-all. 5-10 minute wait was standard for pretty much everything between 10am and 4pm. North ridge had a line like it was a weekend in October. Saving grace was the extra hour they stayed open at the end. And the advanced crowd meant once you got on a lift it probably wasn't going to have a stoppage.

They really needed another lodge today for the turnout. And at least Canyon+Needle's Eye lifts running. While the skier side of me was very happy to get out there today, my "armchair ski resort GM" side was disappointed that Killington would skimp on their spring skiing operations...something that has apparently turned into a happening. HUGE crowd today. More day tickets than I would have thought as well.

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