Killington – 5/8/15

Date skied: 5/8/15
Ski area: Killington

Here are some pictures for those who are thinking of going this weekend. The coverage was fantastic top-to-bottom on Superstar (of course). Skyelark coverage was very good, with some slushy areas in the middle (the flatter section) and one big hole (caused by a small stream) to skier's right in the lower part. Bittersweet had a small number of thin patches. Skye Hawk is missing a chunk to skier's right because of dirt and rocks, but is plenty wide enough to ski down.

Bottom of Superstar from the lift:

Superstar Headwall with the glacier at the top:

Lower Skyelark, loooking down:

Lower Skyelark, looking up:

Edit: The walk-up price was $54 today, but if you gave them a lift ticket or showed them a season pass from another mountain, it was half price. I don't know if that deal is on for the weekend.

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