Killington – every day is a new day 3/24/18

I figure KustyTheKlown is still up there at the beer fest — I have a shorter drive and a beer fest already in my fridge

First time up this year on a Saturday. Parking lots full but lift lines really not that bad. A lot of casual skiers hanging around the lodges all day, and then moving to the beer fest. Northbrook Quad seemed to have the worst line but that was 5 minutes. Got in singles line for K-1 and it was basically walk on each time.

Skiing solo today so the goal was ski the stuff I’ve missed so far this year. Great thing about Killington, it’s really hard to get bored there at least for me, of course I do have some favorite trails but I switch up my plan of attack depending on what’s open and how my season’s been. So today was basically ski the hard stuff I’ve missed.

Started the day with a hike up to Catwalk and then took Anarchy down from there. Basically set the pace for the day.

Hit stuff like Vertigo headwall > Staircase, the woods on Bear Mountain, Skye Bits… after lunch it was mainly the woods on Snowdon and stuff like Royal Flush and Conclusion.

Trails have great coverage, a couple rocks on the steeps, some rocks starting to show in the woods especially lower elevation. Upper mountain woods should be in play for a while yet

Good day , very scenic… nice little drop in to Catwalk on the first pic, maybe best pic of the year too


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