Killington Friday 12/29

I've been itching to get out and do some "real skiing" since my work schedule has prevented me from going yet. Decided to take the day off from work, grab my boys and day trip from Boston to Killington. I also figured that the cold would keep all but the hard-core off of the slopes. Ordinarily you wouldn't find me anywhere near a place like Killington on a holiday week like this.

Got there about 9AM, landing at K-1 Lodge. The thermometer on my truck was hovering between 0 and -5 degrees. Lodge was busy but not crazy. Took a while to get geared up because we had to do so many layers and prep for the cold. Once we got out we skied all over. The only area we didn't ski was Ramshead, but we hit all of the other mtns for at least 2-3 runs. I was pleasantly surprised at how good many trails were. Even the glades were in play and we found Double Dipper glade and Anarchy & Julio to be pretty good. You had to be on the watch for rocks, stumps, etc - but for December skiing - I'll take it.

The rest was about what you'd expect. The heavy trafficked areas were scraped off in the middle. My years as a New England skier paid off as I am an expert at skiing an area about 4 feet wide on the edge of the trail where all the snow is pushed off to. Ovation had some good bumps but you had to avoid the troughs. Superstar was very good and had some bumps forming near the bottom. We made it over to Bear and skied Outer Limits. They had the guns blasting on it. Had some good turns but it was hard to get a good hold on the conditions as it was that styrofoamy, mixed bag that the guns make.

The cold wasn't a problem as we were well prepared. The biggest issue was that any time we skied anything challenging - either the outside of your goggles would get frosted from your breath blowing back against your lenses or on the inside because we actually sweated a bit. It was nearly impossible to get them clear/clean again without going inside because it was too cold to get them clean.

Some pics below, it was hard to get the cell phone out and take pics because of the cold.

Big dipper glade:
Kill Glade.jpg

Outer Limits under the guns:
Kill OL.jpg
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