Killington – Jan 27 2013

Day 4 at K this year. Got there early, before 9:00.

Pretty cold and windy in the morning, got better as the day went on.

Some trails had decent packed/groomed/powder and could be bombed down. Others, like East Fall, were unexpectedly glazed over and resulted in me losing an edge and pulling off a nice 200 foot diagonal slide.

Most trails were groomed or otherwise flat. Some trails had bumps but a lot of them were roped off. All the woods were roped off even though they looked fine and I would have skied them all day based on appearances.

Superstar was sort of rediculous. Gigantic whales on the right side and medium to large bumps on the left side. The trail was super crowded and I witnessed a lot of wipe outs, several yard sales, and some sketchy near collisions on my two times down that.

Ovation was better mostly due to way less people on it but kind of scratchy. Downdraft also had some icy areas so it mostly sucked skiing the double diamonds today.

Given my preference for woods and steeps this really wasn't the most fun day for me at K. I probably should have gone to Jiminy Peak instead for the same or better snow conditions if I was going to ski groomed and hard packed runs all day.

Killington has good coverage on 95% of their terrain right now.. why they are roping off all the woods is beyond me. So Julio might have a couple rocks towards the bottom. So what it's a double diamond, people should just ski around them.

The best runs I had of the day were in the woods next to Superstar. Which aren't even on the map and they have a couple gnarly sections. That was by far the most fun I had all day.. but Killington had to rope off all their "official" trees. I am dissapointed. The skiing in the woods up there is anywhere between fine to great right now except nobody gets to enjoy it.

Sort of thinking I'm going to save my $$$ for more powder days / spring skiing days / days at better destinations.

Probably my last day at K until everyone else is closed and I'm desperate for one more day on Superstar in May.

Nick pls don't post this report to K's Facebook ;)

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