Killington Nov. 3, 2014

Nov. 3, 2014 – Mon.

First trip report for the season. I went to Killington today who opened at 11AM. I’d estimate 300 to 400 very enthusiastic (and mostly pretty good) skiers. The liftline at the North Ridge Triple peaked at perhaps 5 minutes.

No WROD. All trails were full width. Two ways down; 3 trails. Rime (lift line) probably has an average snow depth of 30 inches. This trail can withstand the several days of thaw forecast for later this week. Reason had a mini-park with 3 or 4 features. At the bottom of Reason, one could go back to Rime or continue down Upper East Fall which had lovely and rhythmic powder bumps. The snow-makers opted to pass on Upper Great Northern in favor of building depth on Rime. As such, guests must walk both up and down the "Peak Stairway."

I was pleased they opted not to run guns on Rime, although the guns ran all day on Reason and Upper East Fall. There was a little natural snow on the ground above 2000 feet and early this AM, the entire mountain looked wintry white.

I suspect with the depth of snow on Rime, Killington will be open daily thru May.

Excellent way to start the season.