Killington Nov 4

Saw on the Killington web site last night that advance tickets were only thirty bucks, so figured “what the hell” and went up this afternoon. My typical route is 91 to Rockingham exit 6, 103 to Ludlow, 100 to US 4 to East Mountain Road. Condition of roads was excellent, large portions of 100, 103, and E Mountain Road had nice new blacktop. From Ludlow you can see the progress Okemo had made as of early this afternoon:


Then after driving very carefully through the 35mph speed trap in Plymouth, took the shortcut up E Mountain Rd where ther is a good vista to check out their snowmaking progress:


End of Killington Rd is now closed, you have to turn right on Vale Rd and access parking from the “back”. Note progress on Superstar.


Another view of Superstar:



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