Killington November 23

About 25 of us left Hunter in several cars on Friday morning. Destination, the Beast. Arrived at the Killington Shops at 9:15am. If anyone doe snot know you can get your tickets and change in the shops. We cashed in the 2 for ones, booted up and drove up the hill, (only one boot on). We parked opposite Superstar and headed up the lift. Sky Bitter was soft and not too crowded. Soft bumps on both sides with rocks hear and there.

Headed over to the K1 after 6 laps. Headwall East Fall, Northridge. Rime, Northridge, Rime, GN, Mousetrap Snowdon Quad. Bunny, Mouse Gondi repeat.

Everything was soft, it was crowded, but we wove through the crowds. We had a blast. Lots of crazy people, walkers and plenty of old friends. I did more gondola runs than I ever have. Nice to have so much variety on the hill.

Other forums have complained about out of control skiers, but It was worse 2 weeks ago. I saw more patrol and ambassadors than I ever had. The picture below is the Hunter conga line down chute. Almost every skier in this picture is our crew ripping it up.

Some pictures here:

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