Killington redux – Nov 23 2012

My little brother, who is 28, came home for Thanksgiving and the parents suggested I take him skiing. It's been 5 or 6 years since he's been on skis and he was never too good to begin with. BUT ANYWAY.

I woke up this morning really early, scoped out the snow reports and even though nothing looked very enticing and I had gone to Killington last weekend and if you read my report I wasn't really too thrilled with my first day out.

But, we had one more 2 for 1 pass at our disposal, plus no other place had as much terrain. So there we went.

Will skip over the long story of how long it took him to put on his ski boots and perform other basic tasks which delay the start of skiing ;)

I parked at Ramshead. Or is it Snowshed. Whatever one is the first one you come to. Seemed to have fewer cars and less far to walk through the lot than K-1 would have. Got tickets, hopped on the lift.

First thing I noticed that was completely different from last weekend. No sound of SCRRRRTCCCHHHHH from every skier passing below us. I could tell just getting on the lift that this was going to be a delightful day with buttery snow. So we hopped off the lift and onto whatever happened to be the only run open off that lift. It skied very well. I really enjoyed leaning into some arcs and letting my skis do what they're made to do. There were basically zero sections that could not be easily carved. I was almost skeptical after last weekend, perhaps a little cautious in the back of my mind thinking, I just haven't hit the boilerplate yet...

So we hopped on K-1 and took a series of trails down. The snow was slightly more skied off up there in some sections but the temperatures meant I was cutting into anything. It was probably 45 degrees and was warm overnight as well. In any case same trails that were ice rinks last weekend were pretty good today. I guess there were a few spots that were still kind of scatchy up on the North Ridge but they could still be carved with exponentially less effort. I was also able to pull nice quick turns on the side of the trail for a bit.

In my mind my skis were totally redeemed, and I was also glad because after last week I was starting to think maybe I'm getting old/weak and it's all downhill from here, man!

So a couple runs later and I got hungry so we head down to K-1 lodge. At this point my brother reveals to me that his feet are hurting a lot and starts bitching and moaning in general. He looked like he was skiing okay, at an intermediate level anyway, and I wasn't having to wait very long for him to catch up with me on the mountain. But he basically refused to ski any more.

Soooo, I told him the only way down was to take the lift up (a white lie if there ever was one). Took one more run down Snowdon sort of in the direction of Snowshed and this run was BUTTER. I opened it up and let it rip like it was the last run of the season... because I was NOT ready to end my day just yet but it had to be done.

After that run I was glowing and even though it was one of the shortest days ever at least I'm stoked for skiing again.

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