Killington VT : Thursday June 11, 1992

More one retro TR from 20 years ago. A beautiful sunny day in was sunny back in 1992.
Rain on both years on June 1. That is where the parallel ends....there was still some great skiing, some of it liftserved in 1992.

Here is part of the TR:


Killington VT : Thursday June 11, 1992

Stoked : June turns and … Birthday turns. Yeah!!!!

Skiing on my birthday. What a beautiful day. A quiet weekday. I did a day trip alone from Montreal that day.

My friend wanted to make me some crepes for my birthday and asked if I could stop over at a crazy early time in Montreal. She wouldn’t join me this time. I was 4 “S” = super stoked to Ski Superstar with the Rossi 4S skis.

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