Killington, wed 3/19/14

Wed, March 19
Powder, packed powder
Overcast, windy

I waited a week after the big storm and was rewarded with great conditions. Nicely groomed trails (for those of us who like them), powder/packed powder.

We were on the slopes and riding the K1 Gondola by 9:20 am. The day started out sunny and breezy but it soon clouded over and as the day progressed it got windier and warmer. Out first run of the day took us down Great Northern to Snowdon. Everything was in great shape. Powder/packed powder in abundance. Took some runs down Mousetrap and then Chute and up the ever-so-slow Snowdon Quad with a run down Bunny Buster to Mousetrap and then down to the gondola.

We took the gondola back up and rode to the Canyon area and ran down Eastfall. I ran Cascade a few times and it was in excellent shape. Nice, firmly packed powder. We ran up and down the Canyons until lunch and had a really nice meal up at the new Peak Lodge. The view was amazing but the winds were picking up so we made our way down to Superstar.

Superstar is literally twice the height it was back in January when I last ran it. Top of the headwall was a bit icy but as I made my way down it was beautiful. Powder was being blown by the wind onto the left side and I rode that all the way down numerous times.

I rode with my daughter several times down Skylark, which was in wonderful shape. The lower black section was in great shape and I basically went back and forth all afternoon between Skylark and Superstar and stuck to riding up the Superstar Quad. By afternoon the winds were fierce on top of the K1 and Skye Peak but weren't bad lower down the mountain.

At 3pm my daughter and I headed down to the K1 Gondola and took it up to Great Northern and took the Highline trail (which had finally opened up) but figured Eastfall was better so we spent the last hour running down Eastfall and rode the Gondola until it closed.

An awesome day with great conditions. As I am writing this it is snowing and has been snowing steadily since 4pm. Around 4" of snow is expected so we are both seriously stoked about running Skye and Bear tomorrow. Wish we could do another day after that!

Almost every trail was open with lots of groomed and bumps and some trees too. When it got windy things got pretty windblown up top but there was still lots of good powder to be found. Temps hovered around freezing all day and it remained overcast throughout the day, Yes, it was windy but fortunately the snow stayed soft and the temps weren't bad so it was bearable.

Wish I had pics but am on my laptop so will download them on Friday when I get back home. Can't wait 'til tomorrow. So glad I made the decision to spend the extra time and money to come up here. There is an unsually large number of people both in our hotel and on the slopes for midweek. I'm guessing it's due to a lot of kids being off for spring break or just people taking advantage of the great conditions. I'm just glad to be one of them. :)

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