K’s Last Day 5/22/14

Date(s) Skied: 5/22/14

Resort or Ski Area: Killington, VTr

Conditions: Awesome corn bumps, mud, grass, rocks

Trip Report:
I didn't think I'd be up to a 500 mile day trip so soon after my trip out West, but since I don't have a passport, or an enhanced NYS driver's licence, it was this weekend or November. I remembered mister moose had some K vouchers that were going to go unused, so I dropped him a PM on the way. Thank you very much mister moose, the gas was enough, tank and a half, 24 gallons, premium, $4.19 per.

I pulled into the K1 lot at about 9:30, mister moose kindly delivered a ticket to me. This is the first time in the last three years I've had to down hike the headwall of Superstar. Did they blow less snow on it than previous years?
Where there was snow, it was perfect. There were two bare spots in the middle that were easily skied across if you were on rock skis.

As I got ready for my second run, I noticed people ducking the rope on Skyelark, I decided to follow. Skyelark skied great, it took much less effort than the deep, steep bumps on Superstar. There were even more bare spots to negotiate than on SS. I made three runs down it, alternating runs on SS. Finally SP was posted at the rope to keep people off. The only reason I can see why they didn't have it open, there were some crevasses near the bottom that could have been bad news for someone if they didn't avoid them, or hop over them.

I had hoped to meet up with mister moose at the summit at 5, but I was spent by 3. If I'd been able to continue to alternate between SS and Skyelarke, I may have made it to close. SS bumps kicked my ass!
The infamous "S"

So, my 2013-2014 season started at K in early November, I think, and ended at K today, the circle is complete on a stellar season. Now, on to Summer things.

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