Loon 02/03/2013

Date(s) Skied: 02/03/2013

Resort or Ski Area: Loon Mountain, NH

Conditions: Variable (Frozen Granular, Hardpack, manmade), somewhat crowded, cold (approx 10 deg at base in AM) but mostly sunny

Trip Report: Pretty good day at Loon yesterday all things considered. They have no issues with trail coverage, and are doing what they can to bring the trails back to east coast packed powder...but it hasn't been too long since the blow torch or last week so it's still a work in progress. Some trails were pretty well groomed out with some scrape underneath, some were hardpack, some had clear ice patches, some had active snowmaking, and some had recent snowmaking piles which were not groomed out yet.

Crowds were there (it is Loon) but not excessively so. We normally avoid the Gondola but did wait out the line once in the AM and it was maybe 10 minutes at most. When I looked the line went outside for a bit but not too bad. Lines on the other HSQs were around 5 minutes or so at the most. Trails were more crowded than I usually like but most times I didn't feel like I was completely boxed in.

ROTD for me was on Blue Ox which with the rollers can be fun even when groomed out...but yesterday there was snowmaking piles all around which was a nice break from just cruising down the other trails. More capable skiers than I am could have had a lot of fun over on Twitcher and Jobber, two blacks over on South Peak which had active snowmaking and plenty of piles.

Sorry no pictures, I don't have a camera set up which allows me to take pictures without taking gloves off, and it was just too cold to do that.

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