Loon, 2-4-13


Loon Mountain, Lincoln, NH

Since loss of last week, they have blown a ton of snow. In fact, more than they have had the chance to groom.

As I am not a fan of blown snow that has not been groomed, please understand that perspective. As an older guy with some knee damage, who once skied blacks, I am now a moderate blue to green guy. So to me, going thru this stuff is like skiing in sand. Worse when you hit some, without knowing it was coming up.

I did not go over to South Peak. Sunset had huge piles of the stuff, with only a small strip on the left side considerable as a blue.

In my search to limit this, I found that gondola, to Exodus or Bear Claw Ext, to Upper Picked Rock, Grand Junction was "sand". Bear Pause to Basin Street, then down Brookway.

I know I,m not the only one, as Lower Bear Claw was empty all day. Seven Brothers and Upper Bear Claw wasn't to bad. Lower Picked Rock = sand.

I also realize that many posters on this site are much better skiiers than I. But, I do know other people check this site that don't post. I have heard the newest rockered ski's get above this sand. Guess I'll have to try some and find out. But, spent a lot of money on the last of the cambered two years ago. Legend 85, the top All Mountains at the time.

My advice to Loon, I know you have to blow it. But, consider skill levels, and groom it for the Blue/green people.

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