Loon 2/5 (Super Bowl Sunday)

Decided to hit Loon w/the fam, as we figured the crowds would be light - we were correct. All lifts were ski on except for the gondola which was never more than a 10 min wait.

Hit North Peak in the am figuring we'd get a few runs in before it got skied off as usual. Those few runs turned in to lapping the North Peak quad all morning. Walking Boss & Flume were in good shape & the Boss Woods were in decent shape too.

After lunch in comfortable non-packed lodge, hit South Peak for a few runs which were fun but noticeably more icy. Usually in afternoon South Peak gets some sun to soften things up but today was overcast. No open glades in S Peak either.

Finished up day lapping the front cruisers off the Kanc quad & gondola, they all held up very well with hardly any crowds.

Had a few beers in the pleasantly empty bar after, made it home right @ kickoff.

Great experience on the hill, glad we decided to come.

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