Loon 3/17

Loon 3/17 from 8 am - 1:00
Partly cloudy
Machine groomed packed granular

Today I hit Loon for the first time this season. I like Loon but for some reason I never seem to get up there very often. Conditions were good, not great, not terrible. Some runs were very nice (Upper Walking Boss was great) and others by mid day were showing a fair amount of ice in places. Given how firm things were I did not attempt any bumps. The resort was empty and there were no lines for the chairs to speak of. I enjoy the East Basin and South Peak at Loon and spent most of time in those areas and it was practically ski on all morning.

It was getting sunny just as I left. It was a cold morning for March but since the lodges were empty going in for a quick warm up was easy enough. All in all good day for fast runs if you paid attention and looked out for ice.


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