Loon 3/2/2015

I only got a few runs in today. But the conditions were notable so thought I'd throw up a quick TR.

Overnight we got about 4" of super fluff in Lincoln. As I sat at my desk working and looking out the window the day seemed to be a continual battle between winter and spring. The thermometer read high 20s. When the sun came out there was melting and chirping, I could see people making turns on South Peak. But then the flurries would take over. Visibility would drop to a few hundred yards and accumulations would add up fast.

I wasn't going to ride today. I had a lot of work to do and had no car to get to the mountain. By 2pm the winter/spring balance seemed too good to pass up. Warmish but with accumulations, this was going to be one of those days I'd stew over for the rest of the year if I didn't go. My wife had taken the car away for a few days, but she had left her bike. I threw my board on my pack and hopped on the bike. Pedaling in snowboard boots turned out to be easier than expected. I wouldn't want to do it in ski boots and luckily she hasn't gone spd.

Ski racks aren't the best bike racks, but you make do.

Once again Loon was DEAD. Not only didn't I wait in a line. I did not not see a single other person on the lift. Whereas spring was holding it's own at the base, winter ruled at the top. Winds were high (25-30?) and it felt like a winter wasteland with the only other human being the liftie hunkered in the top shack. The riding was fan-fing-tastic! Trails 100% to myself with boot deep windrifts in between the scoured ice surfaces. I wish they stayed open till dark.

Conditions there will be good for a long time. Loon grooms the hell out of things. That's not my preference, but it makes for good snow preservation and consistent coverage. They will have moderated the drift vs ice situation into a happy medium by the morning. Right now (9:30pm) t's still flurrying out but it's extremely windy. There might be some nice drifts out there in the morning.
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