Loon/Bretton Woods 11/15/19

Headed up to Loon for opening day yesterday and also hit Bretton Woods in the afternoon to pick up my season pass.

Nice sunny day at Loon with a fairly big crowd for the opening. They only ran the gondola, so that was a bottleneck and I only got in five runs. On the plus side this kept the trails very uncrowded.

Coverage on the open trails was deep. They’d flattened all the whales, so there were a lot of small ice chunks on the trails until skier traffic started to break it up. But generally conditions were good for an opening day. I decided to use my fat Ripsticks for skis even though I knew there would be no soft snow. That was a good choice since they are great for flying over crud and uneven surfaces.

Their new RFID gates had some issues. One of them seemed to have a defective sensor on one side so it wouldn’t open for a lot of people. But the gates worked without a hitch for my IKON pass and I was thankful I didn’t need to get a ticket because there was a huge line of people picking up their season passes.

Basically it looked like the same old Loon and I didn’t notice any upgrades to anything since last season.

Felt great to be back out on skis. I did a lot of biking over the summer, but I’m far from being in ski shape yet.

A few pics from Loon:





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