Loon Mountain 1/1 and 1/2/15

Conditions machine made, loose granular and some boilerplate

I arrived at South Peak at Loon at 9:15 on New Years Day to the sight of many tower guns running. Everything on S Peak was refreshed and skied quite well. Big whales and bumps on the blacks, and guns still running on the blues on top of a groomed surface. Took first run down Ripsaw. Huge whales with soft snow. I was not used to my newly tuned skis and struggled a bit. Back up and down Cruiser which skied great under the guns. Up the quad one more time for a run down Twitcher. Nice soft bumps and some big whales. Lift line was building so I went over to the main mountain. Couple runs on N peak which were nothing special. Crowded trails and getting skied off. Down to the Gondy base. Big mistake. Hopped on the triple instead after seeing the gondy line and back to N Peak quad. Took one run down to the west basin quad, which had maybe a 2 minute singles line. Did a couple runs with Blue Ox the highlight as the guns were just shut down. Had the trail to myself on great soft snow. Back to S peak to lap the blacks for the afternoon. Much better than expected. Guns were shut down by 1. Run of the day Twitcher bumps.
Back on Friday at about 9. South Peak lot was a lot fuller than the day before. Not a good sign for the crowds. I lapped all the trails on this pod a couple of times and all skied well (Ripsaw was roped, not sure why?) Up and over to the main mountain. One word: crowded! Lots of boilerplate and skied off spots until I found Big Dipper, Angel St and Basin St. All 3 skied great under the guns with bumps forming. Lapped these from the E Basin chair which was mostly ski on or a 2 or 3 chair wait. Stayed on this pod til the legs were toasted. Down to the gondy for a lap. 10 minute or so wait in the singles line. Back over to South Peak for a couple more to end the day at about 3. Crowded but manageable and much better than expected. There were more bumps around than I have seen at Loon in a while: Twitcher, Jobber, Flume, Angel St and starting to form on Ripsaw. I assume they will kill them all with grooming for the weekend. That would be unfortunate. Run of the day was Angel Street.
I will try to post a crappy cell phone pic or 2.

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