Loon Mountain 11/23/2014

This was my first visit to Loon. In fact, Loon is usually completely off of my radar, since I usually associate it with giant crowds. However, I didn’t want to drive all the way up to SR or Wildcat yesterday, so it popped into my head to check out Loon’s coverage and I was suitably impressed.

The day itself was cloudy in the morning, fairly warm (I think low 40’s), with some clearing of clouds by the end of the day. Even the top of loon was sporadically in the clouds.

Crowds were very light. I think there might have been a little bit of a line for the gondola for a while (no more than 10 cars deep), but the other two lifts (Kanc and North Peak) were ski-on all day. (I’d never been in a four person gondola before, it was a … cozy).

There were quite a few trails open, and snow coverage and quality was pretty good for November. Actually it was more than pretty good. Walking Boss and Rumrunner were my favorite groomed trails, and they had not yet groomed Lower Flume, which was also very fun.

Provided that not too much melts before the cold returns tomorrow, they seem well positioned for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Overall, a great day and a great first visit. I’ll definitely come back this winter when they have more open, maybe on a weekday to avoid the crowds.