Loon Mountain 12/15/15

I got out for a few hours today at Loon, figuring any skiing is better than no skiing. After a sunny drive up 93 I arrived at 10:30 to sprinkles in the lot. There were about 40 cars, with mostly local plates, but some from CT, NY, NJ, Quebec and even one from Alaska!
The rain only lasted a couple minutes, so I booted up and headed for the gondola, the only lift running today. The N. Peak quad was on weather hold, also known as cost cutting, but in this case was warranted as I was only the 38th person scanned, and not a whole lot arrived later. Rode solo every time. 3 routes were open top to bottom from the gondy, Picked Rock, Flying Fox to 7 brothers, and Bear Claw. Cover was mostly kinda OK, but there were at least a couple thin or bare spots on every trail. The only trail in imminent danger of closing is 7 Brothers, which is on it’s last legs. I lapped the gondy for a dozen runs, calling it quits around 2:30. Everything skied quite good, like April spring conditions which I love. The snowmakers were just arriving when I was departing. When asked if they were making snow tonight they replied "we’re going to find out", so they are at least going to try. It was definitely worth the ride. A couple of pics to follow.