Loon Mountain 12/23/16

Conditions: variable with powder, pp, and hardpack

I went out this morning for what I thought would be a punch the clock groomer day, but it turned out much better. Arrived at S. Peak just before 9 to rock star, ski to car parking. Quick warm up run on Twitcher, nothing special but it had a good groom. Up and over to the N. Peak quad. To my surprise I found that patrol had just dropped the ropes on almost everything. The only ropes that I came across all day were Ripsaw at S peak where patrol was working, and a couple glades. I went straight toward Angel St. which was advertised as opening today, but never made it as I found Big Dipper and Triple Trouble open, all natural. Lapped each several times, great skiing with deep dense powder on a firm but edgable base. My best runs of the season. Then realizing that the glades were also open I headed for Walking Boss Woods. It was my run of the season so far with deep powder on a firm edgable base. You had to be careful as rocks and stumps were lurking, but well worth it. Didn't ski many of the groomers, just enough to get where I wanted to be. They skied OK, with PP or granular and some icy patches. When I ventured into the lower mountain glades I found deep, even denser snow with a slight crust. One and done as they needed a bit more traffic to disperse the crust. Although the parking lots looked quite full, never hit a line longer than 2 or 3 chairs, except both rides on the gondy had a few minute wait. This turned into a very unexpected great day. Had to leave by 2 to be home for family stuff.

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