Mad River Glen 1-23-16

MRG rocked today. Been a while since I've been there and got there early and hit up all the good stuff. Fall-dice, Lynx, Ferret, Rat.. heck I don't know the names of all the trails here yet but we slayed just about the whole mountain.

Packed powder mostly, some hard pack, some powder stashes. Woods were great. Lower Antelope was a blast. Discovered a lot of new terrain, woods and narrow crazy trails. The steeps were fantastic as long as you didn't bring a brand new pair of skis (I never do).

Epic day. Stowe tomorrow. Can't believe how well my wife skied -- in the morning I was chasing her through the woods. In the end I won the endurance challenge. Skied till last chair.

No crowds, I practically had VIP parking.


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