Mad River Glen 1/16/15

I have been living in New England for a few years now and I have been crossing first time visits off my list each year. Today I finally had my first visit to MRG. Conditions were packed powder. The weather ranged from snow the first part of the morning with even a little sun before lunch. However, winds increased throughout the day. It was 12 when I left at 1 but the chill was definitely setting in.

Crowds were light. No wait really anywhere. I skied Lower Antelope later in morning and the snow from the morning was still pretty fresh. Of course the hike back to the base probably helped discourage folks more familiar than me from skiing it.

Overall the conditions were good. Here and there you would find ice unexpectedly but with a few exceptions you could work around any issues readily on the trails I skied. The snow that fell early today was light so the wind was starting to move it around in spots. They got a good amount of snow earlier in the week and it really showed.

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