Mad River Glen 2-23-16

Bought a ticket two weeks ago in the hopes that this winter would turn around. The good news....they were still open. This was my first time there so I took it more as an opertunity to check the place out and get a feel for the history.

Conditions were...intresting. Half the mountain was iced over rock which worked well to prevent any new scratches to my skis. The snow was rock hard but very edgable. I had fun picking my way down around the obstacles. It felt like more work than powder with my skis chattering around.

The terrain and character was amazing. I can see why people love this mountain and I need to come back to really experience it for what it is. Every employee I spoke with was wicked nice and cared about the mountain.

The single chair was really neat to ride and that side of the mountain had the best snow but it unfortunately never softened up. I got to the point where making a brewery tour at the vonn trapp brewery outweighed my skiing experience and I called it early at 2. All things considered a great day and I will be back next year to give it another try. I'm not sure how well they are going to survive this rain but I give them a lot of credit for managing what they have been given this year.
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