Mad River Glen – 2/14/2018

Day 1 of a 2 day solo adventure. Family is in PA for the week. Unfortunately conditions did not pan out for me to take the epic powder chasing journey I had hoped for.

But MRG had $14 Valentine's Day tickets, I bought a few days ago in advance, figuring maybe things will soften up and corn up by then.

Well, they didn't, but it was a really fun day. Run of the day was Antelope / Catamount off the top. Whatever they had groomed skied really nicely. Most moguls were either closed or bulletproof. Later in the day they softened up a little as the temps rose so I did get some bump skiing in. Kind of technical but I enjoyed it. Makes you a better skier type of stuff.

Sun never really peaked out today -- although as I'm sitting up here in Stowe the sun is out here and it's warming up.

I brought clothes and overnight supplies not knowing if I'd stay up here for Day 2, and not knowing where, but Stowe is bragging about their awesome grooming on the website enough I figure I'll take them up for it. Hoping things soften up enough to get some less conventional terrain in play. Might corn up a bit tonight for tomorrow, we'll see. Good way to get some value out of my Ski VT passes at least.

Also MRG was totally empty when I arrived, must have been the 10th car in the lot. Almost as many Ski Patrol as regular skiers there today. People were having fun though, as much as some of the staff looked a little depressed.

Don't get a chance to get up there very often, last two times were on "bad" ski days (this year ice, last year total melt down). Always have a good time and the skiing is technical no matter what.

Their natural base is decent -- one big storm or a couple medium ones and it should be "good" again.

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