Mad River Glen 3/16/2015

Mad River Glen
Powder, ice, hardpack, rocks, gnar!

Part 3 of the tour de Vermont led Xwhaler, our friend Nate and myself to the mecca of east coast skiing. This was Nate and my first time skiing MRG. The place when it’s good is like a drug. You just want more and more. Right now I’m sitting here rocking back and forth just thinking about ways I can finangle a fix of MRG soon. Anyway, I’m getting off track. Conditions on Monday were the best they probably could be with only 3-4 inches the day before after some major refreezing. Groomers were very good, bumps were hard as a rock with a few inches of fresh on top of them. But what we found was the trees were very skiable and very fun. The steeper the better seemed best all day. One run in we met up with Savemeasammy, Tin and Tin’s friend Andrew. From that moment it was game on. Back to back paradise. After that we lapped the double for awhile. Every run was hard and fast with ice and rocks to jump over, ski over and crash into. No turn was perfect nor was it totally awful. It was technical, challenging skiing most of the time. Boot deep in places but often there was a hidden surprise to grab you. Several times we ended up deep in Octopus Garden, somewhere beyond Paradise deep in the woods where lesser skiers would never go. This was probably some of the steepest gnarliest stuff I’ve ever skied. It just felt so good we couldn’t stop. One more run lasted for awhile. Finally we just had to call it a day before someone hurt themself. Never have I left a mountain feeling so satitisfied and humbled at the same time.