Mad River Glen – April Fools Day

With the ski season winding down I wanted to make sure I got in as many great spring days as possible. Looking at the forecast April Fools seemed like the best day for some great corn harvesting. Tin (Mike) and I decided to play hooky from work and make the trip up to MRG. And it was by far my best spring day ever and one for the ages in general. We arrived at the mountain at about 9:15 to see this:


The sun was out and the temp was climbing so we decided it would be best to spend most of our morning skiing off the double (they don't call it the sunnyside for nothin'!) All day the groomers skied absolutely amazing. As the sun softened the snow we decided to do a few runs of Quacky to Canyon. Just absolutely beautiful bumps. Great shape and perfect lines all the way down the trail. Definitely the run of the day off the double.

Gazelle also skied amazing as well with it's typical bare spot in the steepest section of the trail.


We stayed pretty much on trail most of the day as the woods was generally pretty rough but we found a few shots that challenged both of us.


After lunch we headed back to the single as patrol had begun dropping ropes. We started with Cantelope and then followed it up by checking out the 20th hole. There is SOOO much snow in there it's ridiculous. Unfortunately, it hadn't softened up as much as I had hoped but it was still very enjoyable! It's been a long time since I have seen it that deep.


Once the snow softened on Chute it skied amazing as well. We got off at the midstation several times to do laps on Liftline. Had a lot of fun dropping the ledges underneath the lift. We had a discussion about dropping the cliff below the Bird Cage but decided against since it was 3:45 and we weren't totally sure that everything was buried adequately. The sun burn and sore body was well worth it!

Thanks again to Billski for the voucher!!
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