Magic – 1/20

Had a great day skiing with no crowds at all. Sometimes I thought we had the mountain to ourselves. My kids enjoyed racing each other down the 2 ways down from the top over and over again. The conditions on those 2 trails were good. Trick was a little scrapped off down the middle late in the day but you could still find ways to ski around that. One great thing is that the chair did not stop once all day. It snowed all day at different intensities. My oldest thought he was being cool and poached lower Magician until he hit a rock and f'd up the bottom of his ski that I now need to work on. He said hey they should have had it roped off. I had told him all day it wasn't open. Ended the day with a couple of switchbacks (wife indulged in a couple of generously pored glasses of Cabernet) at the BLT.

Wished I would have taken another leak before I left because there is absolutely no place between there and route 9 in NH to take a leak. :beer:

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