Magic 1/26 – Get on it!

Skied Magic today and it was awesome. The dense snow that fell this week provided an exceptional base. Kinderspiel and Lower Carpet had enough to be groomed and were very carvable (as were all the snowmaking trails). But the real surprise was that the steep terrain was open and skiing very well, with Witch to Gonif and Twightligh Zone exceptional. When I took my first couple of turns into Twilight i literally and uncontrollably said out loud "No fucking way!" It was that good, and that much a surprise. The next run was Gonif, where the same utterance was made. Also skied Tali and Sorcerer, and many of the other steps are also open. Finished it off with a great dinner with the Magic crew (JM, Do Work, Baby Guinness etc) while big fat flakes fell outside (1/2" or so when I left).

Bottom line- the best expert terrain in SoVT is open and skiing beautifully, with some added snow to come too hopefully.

To those who want to ski Magic with solid coverage it is time to get on it!

Twilight and Gonif


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