Magic: 2-12-17

Went to Magic today. I've never been.

I really liked it. I really really liked it.

I was too much of a weenie to try Red Line with the bulletproof layer scraped clean. I need to come back to try it. But we sampled pretty much everything else: Twilight Zone, Witch, Black Line, Green Line, Slide of Hans, Talisman, and Sorcerer and probably more in between. Everything rode about the same: bulletproof with powder bumps and some chopped up pow on Black Line and the sides of a few of the other runs. As they day went on the fresh started to cover things up, and boy was (is) it coming down. Without enough traffic to ski things off it improved rapidly as the day went on.

But really, I didn't want to leave. Shout out to the guy I rode the lift with who recognized my comparison with Platty. Definitely the same vibe and atmosphere. Great terrain. I wish I could come back tomorrow, there's tons of stuff I haven't seen, or that I was too much of a wuss to try first time, but alas, real life calls me back. This place is a total gem. Magic Mountain, don't go changin.

I uploaded a video of Witch to Black Line. Sorry if the quality makes you feel ill. I know some people don't like gopro videos, but I don't have any pics.

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