Magic 2/14/2015

Well this was another of the RSNE tour stops and while we have truly enjoyed Magic last season, we were concerned about lift line issues. We knew in advance that only the Red Lift was running thanks to intel from here. The one thing we noticed on the way is how bad the frost heaves are getting on some of the back roads. The is not easy way to get to Magic. We arrived around 9:30 and took our time getting geared up and were in the lift line closer to 10. The line was looking a little long but was like a 15 minute wait. We skied like 4 runs in 2 hours as the line was getting progressively longer. So we bagged it and when in for lunch. I wanted to hang out side a little longer expecting the lunch crowd to go in and the line would be shorter but my son was hungry.

In any case, two beer later we headed back out and holy lift line. We waited like 30 minutes and the line was not moving very quickly so we took one run and bagged it and decided on another beer. This was messing up my trail side Valentines Day ideas. We went in and found a friend who had just came in and he said he waited like 40 minutes.

We almost decided to head home when I decided to check the line and it seemed a little more bearable around 2:30. So we headed back out and did another 3 runs.

Enough about my bitchin':

Witch - nice bumps but there were definitely some icy/scraped off spots that challenged those not ready for it. I was OK with it but my wife was hating me with her broken thumb. Once at the bottom of that short trail we were deciding on Red Line or Goniff Glade. Going up the chair I noticed that Red Line was a little skied off so Goniff Glade it was based on anther skiers opinion. It was in great shape with fairly large soft bumps and great pitch. It was more bumped out this year then last year when we were there. My wife was a little nervous but she was a trooper once again. Does not want her thumb to hold her back too much. We continued down Show Off which skied really nice.

Another combo was Wizard->Broomstick->Black Line->Link->Heart of Magician->Lower Magician. For starters Broomstick was boring and flat. Black Line had nice natural powder bumps and lots of loose powder chopped powder. Heart of Magician was partially groomed but the skiers right was powder bumps. Lower Magician was fun too with natural conditions - chopped powder. We did that combination three times changing it up with Hocus Pocus or going into The Hallows which was nice and was tracked but powder still remained in spots.

Wizard to Sorcerer was ok. Conditions were awesome but wizard is flat and boring while sorcerer was steeper and coverage was great - it was flatter than expected with a few powdery bumps scattered about. We did do a run all the way down Wizard which I will never do again. Outside trails are never that exciting as we all know. You freeze because you glide and never work.

Talisman was closed for racing which bugs me! But......what can I say! Magician was closed as well - not sure why since it looked pretty good. These are two trails that I have not skied there that I expected to.

Overall favorite runs Black Line and Goniff Glade and least favorite Wizard.

We celebrated the Hallmark Holiday on the lifts!

Black Line down

Black Line up

Lower Magician

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