Magic – 3/16/18 Storm Leftovers and then some

I drove up late Thursday night. I have been missing out the past couple of weeks and had to get up to see what if all the reports were true?

Was it really all time? Never ending snow? I was worried on the drive up. Not much snow on the ground even in Brattleboro. I felt better when I got to the house



I guess no grilling this trip.

Anyway on to the mountain, it was really really good in the trees, as expected. Powder bumps everyone on the trails. All good. But this day was all about exploring in the trees.

Some places I've been in and needed to explore moremagic trees3.jpg

magic trees 7.jpg

So there are still some very soft turns all over the mountain. Still untracked in the trees. So much fun at this place when its 100% open . I got a bunch more pics and will post if I can figure out how to straighten them out.

Magic is a great place to go for solid leftovers 1,2 days after snow

Sorry the pics are sideways. I'll try to fix
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