Magic / Feb 6 2014

9-10" of freshies at Magic as they weren't open yesterday and most of the trails were opening for the first time since that 1 dump in December.

Skiing was great, I got there just about 8:30 and made it until 2:00 or 2:30 before the burning in my thighs started to affect my ability to ski properly and remain in control. So I called it a day.

Everything skied great although there are still so many waterbars over on the left side. There was nothing exposed but plenty of drastic dips in the trail. I mention this because I saw a kid being put on a sled by ski patrol because he wiped out hard on a waterbar.

Only black chair was running but there were no crowds at all. I recognized most people on the mountain by the end of the day. I almost always had the trail to myself. Several trails early in the morning I had the only fresh tracks on; I relished this experience.

Most trails had the same conditions, which is soft semi-deep snow over almost bare ground. Steeper runs like parts of Black Line began to show their rocks halfway through the day.

Great fun to ski, but hopefully this snow will make an excellent base. I tried some skiing in the trees and both times cut the woods short but going sideways to the nearest trail. I was taking too many shots to the base and the snow was heavy in the woods, and hard to ski at the low speeds I require to ski safely in these woods.

I was skiing solo but had some interesting chairlift rides. Seemed like most of the crowd was also from Mass, especially western mass. Even met a guy also from my town. Makes a lot of sense as it's an easy drive from WMass and there are a lot of benefits of skiing Magic over going further north for those who just want to get down to great skiing and not much else.

I posted the photos on Facebook already. The folder should be public. If anyone can't see them and wants to I'll upload them here again

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