Magic: Good Friday 3-29-13

I wish I had something better to report but it was a mixed bag today. Got on the red chair at 9 for several runs on the east side where the surface was frozen groomed. The trails generally are in good shape on that side. By 11 it had warmed up considerably and the sun came out- the surface became grabby, more so the lower on the mountain. We gradually made our way towards the west side. At lunchtime I applied some Zardoz which helped. After lunch the clouds returned and the surface firmed up slightly but it couldn't make up for the loss of snow Magic has sustained since last weekend. Except for Talisman, most of the trails on the west side presented with patches of grass, snow and/or rocks- some larger than others. Magician was closed, with an exposed pipe at the top along Upper Wizard. In fact, there were other exposed pipes at other places on the west side with no warning signs. Slide Of Hans had a tree blocking the bottom section,as well as a pipe, and someone had run a snowmobile straight up the trail leaving behind a nasty rut. Of the glades Twilight Zone was my favorite-it skied well all day despite the grass patches near the bottom. Red Line was in terrible shape- I was astonished when several people ventured onto it- but Black Line was in better shape.
Even though this report objectively may sound somewhat negative, I still enjoyed the day over all. The bumps in particular softened up nicely. Black Line & Twilight Zone were the best sustained bump runs even despite the grass patches. Magic is building a new tree park near the zip line along Little Dipper. Also enjoyed staying at the Upper Pass Inn, which has been freshened up nicely and has a new, competent and enthusiastic manager, Vince.

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Slide of Hans

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Black Line

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Twilight Zone

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Timber Park
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