Magic Mountain 2-9-2014

Where: Magic

When: February 9, 2014

Conditions, Powder, Packed Powder, Chopped Powder, Powbumps, Tali was firm with a few death loaves and cookies but soft snow on the sides.

First off, thank you AZ for the Magic passes! It was my first trip to Magic this season. Red chair was still down, got in line for the black chair (there was a big line because of the VARA races), when the lift stopped running. Started to worry when it didn't start back up after a minute. After about five minutes it went back on. Found out later that someone tried to make a round trip at the top of the lift so they had to break out ladders to get them down. No lift problems after that.

The snow was soft. The ungroomed blue trails were excellent with small, soft bumps. Medium was my favorite trail of the day. The expert trails looked like they were in okay shape but would benefit from another 6" or so. I talked to a lot of people who were first-timers to Magic and seemed pretty happy with their experience.

Tali was a little too firm for me, I didn't hit it until later in the day so the center was skied off but there was some soft snow on the sides, but there were also ice chunks to avoid among that soft snow.

I had a silly fall when one of my skis got caught in a soft mound of snow. I didn't think much of it at the time, but today I feel beaten up. Need to take it easy this week.

magic 1 2914.jpg

magic 2 2914.jpg

Blue skies, wispy clouds and Bromley in the distance:

magic 3 2914.jpg

Alpine Relay Session Sheet:

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