Magic Mountain 2/19/17…A ski day like you dream about

Finally got to hit up Magic this season...Had the awesome company of my 19 yr. old daughter who was home from college. I figured Magic was a good bet for avoiding the Presidents Weekend crowds, but also worried about the capacity of their lifts to handle the crowd they did get.

We didn't hurry to get there because I thought the surface would by crispy before it warmed up mid day. On arrival at 10:00, I was floored to find the access road looking like a "real" access road, cars streaming up towards the lodge one after the other. Next surprise...both lots were full and attendants were directing folks to park in a little overflow lot down across the street from the Blue Gentian Motel.

Lodge was crowded, but spirits were high. None of the high tension I always find at a bigger resort on a crowded day.

Liftlines were consistently about 10 minutes and frankly I was glad for the rest between runs. At some point around 11:00 or so a guy who I think was the GM spoke to the front of the line and said "Well, we just decided we didn't want the line to get any longer so we've stopped selling tickets :-D:lol::grin::snow::snow:

The skiing was amazing spring conditions. Warm enough so the snow was everywhere soft, but not so warm as to be soupy. Among a few other trails highlights we Goniff Glades, Heart of Magician, Slide of Hans, and Sorcerer. Sorcerer was so good that we skied it three times in a row to end our day.

I had such an amazing time I may just by a seasons pass for next year even though my chances to ski there are limited. The place is such a gem I feel like we ought to donate $$ to the organization just for historic preservation.

The snow was going fast with the warm and sun, with the warm weather coming this week the trail count is going to dwindle fast. Get it while you can!

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