Magic Mountain 4.6.2014 – Closing Day

Well, I FINALLY got in a day of skiing up at Magic. My only other day this season was a few runs at Wachusett so I was anxious to go skiing. I had promised myself not to miss out on several other powder days this season but the cards were against me as every time a storm came, everyone in my house got sick and I got stuck at home.

Luckily, this was a really great day. I met up with Xwhaler and Catsup948 and we skied together most of the day. I got to Magic at around 9:00 after a liesurely drive up and got on the slopes around 9:30. We stuck to the groomed trails in the morning as it was around 40 degrees or so and the snow hadn’t softened up yet on non-groomed trails, making it pretty sketchy. We found that out the hard way by trying to make it down Up Your Sleeve / Vertigo / Mystery which was icy and choppy.

Once 11 hit, it warmed up to the mid-50’s , and the snow softened up quickly. The afternoon was really great. Ropes were dropped on a few trails, and even with some thinner cover, the skiing was still excellent.

By 2:30, my legs were completely shot and I called it a day. A casualty of a year of very little skiing, unfortunately. I hope to get out again this year, but a good chance that was my first, and last, real ski day of the year.

Some pics, I have more to come and I took just a bit of video. I’ll udpate once I get it posted up. I’ve been crazy busy at work the past few weeks.