Magic Mountain – Dec 29

Date(s) Skied: Dec 29, 2012
Resort or Ski Area:
Magic Mountain, VT
Packed powder, powder. Light - moderate snow with no wind

Trip Report:

I left Albany for Magic around 6:00 this morning. I arrived around 7:30 and was probably the 6th vehicle in lot A. I got out of my truck and was met by a man who later turned out to be a lift attendant. "How the hell are ya?" he said. Like he had known me for years. Everyone there was very hospitable and just really great to be around. I knew I'd love the vibe of this place. As the parking lot was filling up I noticed a lot of trucks, Jeeps, and Subarus. Pretty refreshing seeing how I'm usually one of 3 pick-ups surround by a sea Mercedes' and Lexus'

The red chair was the only one spinning. I heard rumors that the black triple chair has not been inspected thoroughly yet, but that's hearsay. I'm not familiar with trail names yet. I went to the west side for my first two runs and took a couple bumped up blacks down to a windy groomed run. My next run I went to the east side and got into some glades that were off of what seemed to be one of the main green cruisers. Awesome tree skiing, still a little powder, made my own tracks almost the whole way. My next and last lift served run was down the east side and took Up Your Sleeve to Vertigo and down to the lift.

When I got down to the lift it was ski on, It was around 9:45, and I was just about to get in the main queue and they stopped the chair. We all stood there for about 25 minutes wondering what happened. The wheels fired up twice during that time but the cable just went backwards. One of the guys looking at the problem came out and said the motor had "blown". They had to hook up a smaller kicker motor to get everyone stuck on the chairs up to the top. It took about an hour using the small motor to cycle the whole lift line. They then stopped it to start their work. After about another half hour of waiting I was getting cold, so I decided to strap my skis to my bag and earn my turns. I've never hiked to ski my runs before, so it'll be some I'll always remember I think. You really appreciate the turns a lot more when you have to hike up the trail, let alone without skins/tele/hiking gear. Luckily for me, the trail I first hiked up (Show Off) was groomed. Great run down. When I got back down I sort of milled around to see if the lift was going to start turning. It was probably around 10:45 now. Turns out they had fixed the problem, but were waiting for an inspector to approve it. So I walked around, made a few phone calls and assed out under a tree. Another half hour or so passed in that time and I was getting cold again. So I went toward the west side by the triple chair and hiked half way up Talisman. That snow was not groomed and was quite the work out to hike through. The snow was great on that side, still plenty or snow on the sides for fresh tracks. This was my last run of the day, I left around 12:45 and the inspector had not shown up yet.

Overall I really enjoyed my short time here. I feel bad that the lift broke, but the whole atomasphere given the situation was pretty mellow. I could imagine some people of the Stratton crowd rioting if their lifts were down that long. Everyone seemed really understanding. The ticket desk gave out lift vouchers to anyone who wanted one.

Loved the place, will be going back soon to explore more of the terrain.

magic 4.jpg
I think this was part of my way up to Talisman, can't remember.

magic 1.jpg
Everyone waiting for the lift to spin.
magic 3.jpg
Blowing snow on Hocus Pocus all day.
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