Magic Mountain – Jan 31 2015

Got up there, booted up and on the lift just barely after 9:00. Primary conditions were cold; secondary was wind.

As for the surface it varied quite a bit over the mountain. Groomers were anywhere between nice cordoruy to groomed hard. Lower angle non-groomers were mostly PP or chopped up powder. On the trails the best result was finding the chopped up powder. In the woods again it varied mostly depending on the pitch. Steeper areas with limited options tended to be scratchy; lower angle stuff that opened up was a feast of untracked powder.

The mountain kicked my butt today and I only skied for 5 hours if you don't count a quick lunch break. It was frigid in the morning. Not too bad once the sun came around. The woman who works there who looks like Amy Poehler from SNL / Parks & Rec tried to find me a face mask (the store was sold out). No luck, but I appreciate looking around for one.

Ski The East junior freeride kids were there on Red Line today which made riding the chairlift entertaining. I had no desire to ski Red Line today myself, it looked pretty scratchy.

Actually I took it easy most of the day. I never really got a good flow going, never really "warmed up", and I found the conditions difficult overall. Broomstick was basically ice. But even the choppy pow wore me out quick.

Woods were the best bet and I skied most zones that I'm aware of. I did not ski to the skiers right of Red Line, seemed a bit close to the Ski The East comp, plus I saw one guy going down the top section from the lift and all I heard was ice.

Hallows were very good. A bit scratchy in the ruts. Wardrobe was very good and less trafficked... below the steep section it really opened up and this was all untracked powder. Score of the day. Disappearing Act was mostly untracked and good. I took another woods area on the lower East Side and somehow ended up in the back yard of some houses. Fortunately not a long hike back to the trail.

I don't think I even topped 10 runs overall today. In the morning I was taking warm up breaks every 2 runs.

Well once again Magic kicks my butt. I prefer skiing there in spring-like conditions (when I enjoy the steeps and woods the most), but I was glad to get out this weekend and get a workout nonetheless.

pictures are kind of lame and not really any good pics in the woods but it was too cold to take out the camera very often.

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