Magic Opening Day Powder

Amazing job by the new team at Magic for opening yesterday!

Was planning on hiking and snowshoeing given the pictures of the upper mountain prior to the storm (completely bare thanks to some inversion events). Around 10pm at BLT we saw the groomer heading up and got hopeful. JamaicaMan's on top of things with the updates and great communication.

Started the morning with some hair of the dog and playing cards until Red Chair started loading around 11:30. Got a couple great powder runs in as they received a solid 9-10" down low and more up top the night prior. Some thin cover to deal but most rocks/bare spots could be avoided. Got three fantastic runs in with RustyGroomer as untouched snow was easy to find.

Happy to read snowmaking started up again this morning and they might get a little bit more tonight. Moving the bar in BLT adds a lot more room which was helpful given the amount of people yesterday. Rusty, JRMagic, and others are some great hosts!

Anyone know of a good boot fitter in the Pioneer Valley area? My lady/skiing partner has been having some major boot issues to start the year after we thought they were resolved last year.

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