Magic this past weekend…

Another great time. Left the house at 7am, got there for about 10:30am, skied until 5pm, tavern until 7pm, home around midnight. If you have never been get there asap. Amazing conditions, untracked snow all over the mountain, thinned trees everywhere. My gf stated the place is like a "giant jungle gym". Red Line and Black Line have plenty of coverage. Big, soft bumps on Twilight, Goniff, Witch and others. Sorcerer and Tailsman are great and steep for cruising with lots of snow on the sides. Got into some heavy winds (40mph+) in the later afternoon and I was watching the chairs on Red Line swing close to a full 180*, scariest lift ride I've had. Spent some time afterwards in the Tavern with jrmagic (an awesome host and mountain ambassador) and met a lot of locals. Thanks again!

Just get there, tough terrain and the best vibe in New England. Don't let the older lifts scare you off. If you're heading into the woods and haven't been in there before take it easy, you can find some big unexpected drops and ledges.

Mellow section of Twilight

The GF after a run down Magician.
E Magician.jpg


Watch those drops. These are mellow, hit a solid 6'er just before.
M Woods.jpg
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