Magic, Thurs Feb 5th – $20 and a sunny powder day – WHY WERN’T YOU THERE???

Who says 4" isn't a powder day? With so much un-tracked, and so few people, I had trails to myself all day long. By about 2:30 everyone was bailing, so I closed the place up. Reefer showed as promised, but he never could catch me ;) Reef closed up the place too. So this is a report more about the east side (blues and greens) then about the west side. I actually didn't care for west today. A light breeze has spread the new pow (plus the 12" earlier in the week), into a nice, smooth looking ride. But under the surface, lurked the big bumpy moguls. My body's a little too old to be taking that unexpected impact over and over again.

The weather turned out great. The snows came in 2" before the snow report and 2" after that. By 10 the clouds had broken up, it was a bluebird day with only an occasional mellow breeze. So sitting on trusty Red was a pleasure.

So much for the bad ;) On with the great. OMGOMGOMG, wow, float and cruise on top of pow, untracked ALL DAY LONG. It seemed that all the powder wolves didn't look in all the right places. On trail I was in stuff 4" to 12", with an occasional 18" divot. Hey, I'm not talking about the sides of the trail, but smack down the middle of the trail. This is the first time in the east I have ever linked together so many sinuous turns, up down, up down, what a rhythm. then I found some side stashes that I just couldn't get enough of. Up to my knees in places.

I got first tracks in several areas, and in others second tracks. And I didn't hit the slopes until 10:15!

The greens were perfect. Any more than 4" would make it difficult to make forward progress given the gentle pitch.

The blues rocked. Blues were generally groomed on one side, leaving the bumps from last week covered with the newfallen.

Woods were incredibly deep with pow, up to my knees in many places. And untracked in so many places.

I got fresh tracks until the closing bell. Unbelievable - Only at Magic. I can't say you'll get fresh tracks on Wednesday, but if the winds blow it in, you will have virtual fresh tracks I suppose.

Now this was a relatively mellow day for me. I was skiing at a good speed, with some incredibly easy turning, the pow kept the speed in check. The stuff under the lift had excellent cover, given the competition last weekend had wiped it clean before.

Here's a some photos I snagged before the camera battery died. Just as well, this is a PG forum and the pow photos would have been downright obscene!

First tracks:

Who says you have to get first chair?

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